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Richard C. Wayne has been practicing law in Atlanta since 1996. Graduating with his Juris Doctor from Georgia State University Law School, he also served as Chief Justice of the Honor Court. Mr. Wayne completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Oglethorpe University and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA), and a Master's (MS) and Specialist degree in Professional Counseling in which he recieved from Georgia State University.

Legal Experience

Richard C. Wayne is a legal professional with nineteen years of legal experience and eighteen years of business experience. He has worked with a number of prominent individuals and organizations, including The Federal Public Defenders Office and the Southern Center for Human Rights located in Atlanta, Georgia. Wayne has successfully led and handled a wide variety of cases ranging from criminal defense to mortgage fraud and many civil litigation cases.

richard c wayne

Today, Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. focuses on providing legal services to corporate clients and small business owners in both transactional and civil litigation matters. Mr. Wayne’s firm is well known in Georgia in both the real estate and business areas.

With experience at the highest levels, Richard C. Wayne created an excellent reputation for Richard C. Wayne & Associates within the legal community of Georgia. Mr. Wayne’s efforts and attentiveness have made him a reliable go-to source for legal matters in the State of Georgia.

Soon after graduating with his Law Degree, Richard C. Wayne began immersing himself in federal criminal appellate work for some of the top criminal defense attorneys in Atlanta. His work included analysis of case files, research of pertinent issues and writing briefs. Criminal appellate work was the focus of Richard’s practice and he drafted appeals relating to money laundering, illegal gambling, drug conspiracies, tainted juries, discovery, and admissibility of evidence.  While working with the Southern Center for Human Rights, Mr. Wayne focused on the pre-trial phase of a capital murder case. Mr. Wayne conducted various investigations and presented his research and writing on challenges to the grand jury as well as other areas. This capital murder case resulted in a negotiated plea in which the defendant avoided the death penalty.

Background and Education

richard c wayne Mr. Wayne joined the United States Navy in 1968 and served until he received his Honorable Discharge in 1975. Following Wayne’s Navy discharge, he established a company by the name of Plantlease, Inc.  This company was an interior foliage plant leasing and maintenance service and was the first of its’ kind in Georgia.

In July, 1987 Wayne re-entered Oglethorpe University in Atlanta to complete his undergraduate degree. Throughout what was soon to be an additional 14 years of schooling, Richard C. Wayne was determined to finish what he started while actively pursuing various professions and life goals. Wayne continued on to study at Georgia State University Law School, thus beginning his career in Law. While proceeding with his considerable education at Georgia State University, Mr. Wayne founded an international marketing consultant firm where he provided services to the government of Argentina and a division of Raychem Corporation. He also developed and constructed homes in the north Georgia mountains under the name of Mountain Ridge Properties, Inc.


After completing law school and obtaining his Juris Doctorate Degree in 1996, Mr. Wayne was sworn into the state and federal courts. He continued his master’s program in counseling at Georgia State University and while serving the legal system, Richard C. Wayne completed an additional seven years of education at Georgia State University. His goal was to complement his legal career with aMaster’s degree and Specialist degree in Counseling. Mr. Wayne’s counseling training included  conducting therapy with distressed adults and adolescents. Wayne continued to manage the responsibilities of being a notable legal professional while providing psychological and behavioral therapy for those in need before dedicating his efforts full time to the practice of law.


Today you can find Richard C. Wayne & Associates. P.C.  as members of the American Bar Association, Georgia Bankers Association, the State Bar of Georgia, the Georgia Real Estate Fraud Prevention and Awareness Coalition (GREFPAC), Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA), the Georgia Real Property Law section of the Georgia Bar and the Georgia Real Estate Closing Attorneys Association (GRECCA).  Moreover, Richard C. Wayne has been a member of GREFPAC since the middle 2000’s and is an active sponsor of the GREFPAC organization.